Why Does Concrete Settle?

IMG_4699-1536x1024Curious Why Your Concrete Has Sunk?

Poor or improper compaction of the base before concrete was poured: The weight of the slab will further compact the base after curing, and settlement can happen quickly. 

Climate: The Polar Vortex, experienced last year by many in the northern hemisphere, wasn’t just hard on you, but also on your concrete. Freezing and thawing causes slabs to expand when frost is in the ground – it causes concrete to heave or raise. When the ground thaws, the concrete will settle again, but many times not to where it was originally. This results in trip spots between shifting slabs. (more…)

Going Green

Earth Day at Level Rite ConcreteIt’s the right thing to do.  It feels good.  It’s morally responsible.  It secures our future.  It sells.  However, the phrase is also trendy, ambiguous, a possible marketing ploy, and often misused.  Green technology has come a long way, and has also just begun. Happy #EarthDay

During the race to go green, we have seen great success and innovation, but in some cases, a compromise in product quality.  Sometimes what helps Mother Earth in one way completely wrongs her in another.

What is the right balance between being environmentally responsible, competitive, and having the best product on the market?

We at Level Rite Concrete understand.  We, like you, have very high standards.  We want to have our cake and eat it too.  We want to provide the highest quality products on the market that are also genuinely environmentally responsible.  We don’t just want to stick a “green” label on the packaging in order to stay current with the trend.

Level Rite Concrete has found the answer (well, actually two answers):  RECYCLED AND RENEWABLE.


The foam we use contains recycled material. It’s because we are extremely proud to be a provider of polyurethane foam used for concrete lifting that uses recycled material (patent pending).  Our pride comes from the fact that not only does the recycled content provide a truly “green” aspect to the material, but it also takes the quality of the product to the next level.  It’s really a win-win.

I know what you’re thinking.  “How can adding ‘junk’ foam to this product really make it better?”  To answer this, let us break it down (no pun intended).


Calling All Facebook Users

11350418_725026650958255_3122986834062470309_nLevel Rite Concrete uses Facebook to post regular updates and it would be great if you can join the 300+ people who like our page!

Reason #1 – It’s fun We share things that make us laugh and make us happy, hopefully they will do the same for you.

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