Weedy Sidewalks & Driveways Upsets Your Concrete

IMG_5611 (2)How to Stop Weeds From Growing in Driveway and/or Sidewalk Cracks

Does your driveway and/or sidewalks look like this? This is a definite eyesore! Weeds seem to grow virtually anywhere, even poking leaves out of cracks in concrete expansion joints on driveways and sidewalks. While newly laid concrete doesn’t have such problems, settling produces cracks after several years, allowing weed seeds to gain a foothold. Ugly tufts of grass in concrete areas such as driveways and sidewalks pose a bigger problem than poor aesthetics. The grass degrades the concrete and can eventually widen small cracks.


How to Tell If You Need Driveway Repair

concrete liftingDoes Your Driveway By Your Garage Look Like This?

There are signs that your driveway is in need of lifting. Waiting too long to call a professional for an estimate may make fixing it costlier. Ignoring or avoiding some of these issues may worsen over time. It could take a few weeks, months or years. A sinking driveway can cause underlying issues for your basement or foundation. We advise that at the first sign of any of the issues below, you should call Level Rite Concrete.

Is your driveway: 1) uneven by your garage or in the first 10 feet from the street? 2) so uneven going into your garage that you have to give your car more gas to get in your garage? 3) sunken by your garage door? 4) slabs uneven? 5) below street level uneven, sinking or cracking?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, repair your driveway by lifting it with our company, Level Rite Concrete. We could save you thousands of dollars in costly foundation repairs in the future as well as costs of putting in a totally new concrete driveway. A sinking or uneven driveway by your garage door leads to cracks in the concrete which leads to foundation leaks and a wet basement over time. Water follows the path of least resistance and your sunken concrete and the cracks around it may be channeling water run-off from rain or snow seeping down to the foundation below your home through the gap created between the sunken driveway and your garage requiring repair. “The gap between my driveway and my garage is only an inch or two. Is that a big deal?”


“Steel City” Rebirth

IMG_7253Exciting Times For Gary Indiana

We had the pleasure to participate in a Morning Business Hour featuring Mayor of Gary, IN Karen Freeman-Wilson. Thank you Andrew Kyres, VP, at First Financial Bank for hosting this awesome coffee, business and networking hour! What an interesting lady Mayor Freeman-Wilson is!  Karen has been mayor to her hometown of Gary, Indiana since January 2012. Mayor Freeman-Wilson is the first female to lead the “Steel City” and the first African-American female mayor in the state of Indiana. She has served the public for most of her professional life. She was previously the Indiana Attorney General, Director of Indiana Civil Rights Commission and the presiding judge of the Gary City Court.  She is also a leader in the national drug court movement having served as the CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and Executive Director of the National Drug Court Institute.  She is a very impressive, accomplished and super smart lady!


Protecting Your Concrete

11220813_892904687503783_8462084325448614247_nProtecting Your Concrete

Does your driveway/sidewalks look like this? Give us a call 219.765.3690 to professionally seal your joints to prevent further erosion of your soil!
Keeping a good sealer on your concrete and commercial grade caulk in your cracks prolongs the life and look of the concrete. Sealer helps prevent the concrete from pitting or spalling (when small pieces of the surface come off). Horizontal concrete surfaces should be cleaned and sealed every few years to protect them from moisture and salt. ALL cracks should be sealed to prevent them from filling with water during rain. We recommend backer rod then commercial grade caulk. This will also form a seal to minimize drafts, soil erosion and insect infestation.  Don’t let your cracks look like this. CALL US for a free estimate and prepare yourself for Winter. Make your concrete happy!