11390115_730340147093572_6360291651369537892_n Concrete Raising, Why Do It?

Level Rite Concrete is a locally owned company based in Munster, IN to provide residential and commercial customers with a better alternative to concrete raising vs using the mudjacking method. Level Rite Concrete uses a state-of-the-art Polyurethane foam injection material as opposed to the traditional mudjacking with dirt, water and cement mixture to raise concrete slabs: driveway, sidewalk, patio, and porch or pool deck. Joe is the expert in doing the work. Pictured here is Joe, working on a sidewalk repair! Small jobs are not a problem for us!  Our concrete raising solution is a cost effective, eco-friendly, time-saving alternative to traditional mudjacking. With our Polyurethane Foam, you won’t have to raise your concrete again!

Why does concrete sink?

Concrete will sink as the soil underneath a piece of concrete, either compacts (the water in the soil has evaporated to the point that it has shrunken) or a void or pocket has been created due to erosion from running water (from a down spout or a natural sloping of the ground toward your cement) or rainwater, causing a concrete sidewalk, driveway, patio, or porch to sink, settle or become uneven. When we experience less rain or moisture, the water in the soil evaporates which dries the soil causing the cement to sink into the ground, many times in an uneven way. Winter snow and ice can be especially problematic for our area and sinking concrete. Make sure when the ground thaws that you check your driveway and sidewalks for gaps between the concrete slabs. If you think you may have an issue with sinking concrete, call us. The sooner you call us the more cost effective our visit can be!


What is Mudjacking?

Traditional mudjacking also referred to as ‘slab jacking’, is a process of raising a section of concrete by drilling many holes approximately 1-2” wide in the concrete and pumping a mixture of clean fill dirt, water and cement through the holes effectively pushing the concrete up from below. Traditional materials can weigh 100-120 lbs. per cubic foot. Once the cement is lifted, the holes are patched.

 level right concrete lifting

Concrete Repair with Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam leveling is a two-part process where a polyurethane foam is injected through holes in the concrete. Our hole size is 5/8” in diameter. The concrete is effectively raised with the expansion of the foam. The foam material will expand in weak soil first to consolidate and cause the dirt to become denser and fill all voids below the concrete. It expands in all directions (moves laterally underneath the slab), sometimes as much as 7 feet, so fewer holes are needed to raise the concrete. The foam is set in 15 minutes. Our  polyurethane foam method will not retain moisture so it is not subject to erosion once it is set. Polyurethane foam does not settle due to its lightweight nature. Foam weighs 3-8 pounds per cubic foot. The small holes are patched.


Why choose us over Mudjacking?

  • We guarantee our work!.
  • Many of our jobs are repairing the concrete where traditional mudjacking failed. Which means, you paid twice to have the job done right!
  • We are good for the environment. Our polyurethane foam filling product is made from recycled materials.
  • Have you been told you need to replace your concrete? We can be 50-70% less than the cost of replacing your concrete! Why replace your good concrete when you can raise your concrete with an eco-friendly product from a local Northwest Indiana company? That’s all we do. We lift concrete.  We specialize in concrete repair for your driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck or garage floor.


Benefits of Foam Jacking Concrete Repair:

  • Weighs Less: Polyurethane foam weighs less per cubic foot than mudjacking. Won’t settle more!
  • Less Cost. 50%-70% less than concrete replacement costs
  • Less Invasive. We don’t tear up your lawn and you won’t need to reseed. No heavy equipment needed
  • Less Mess. There is no water/mud mess to clean up
  • Less Time: We get the job done in hours and not days or weeks! Not as noisy and takes less people to accomplish (less labor costs).
  • Waterproof: resists erosion! No more settling!
  • We can work in smaller spaces. We can work on sidewalks between buildings and driveways that are next to one another in a condo, duplex o apartment complex
  • Eco-Friendly: Our product is high-tech made from recycled materials!


When should you call us?

You can call us anytime! We can use our high-tech polyurethane foam and repair your concrete until the ground freezes and as soon as it thaws! On average, we can give you an estimate within 7 business days. We won’t stand you up and we won’t take a deposit. (You won’t believe the stories we’ve heard about unfinished work and lost money. Unbelievable!) We have an impeccable reputation and we plan on keeping it that way.