“Steel City” Rebirth

IMG_7253Exciting Times For Gary Indiana

We had the pleasure to participate in a Morning Business Hour featuring Mayor of Gary, IN Karen Freeman-Wilson. Thank you Andrew Kyres, VP, at First Financial Bank for hosting this awesome coffee, business and networking hour! What an interesting lady Mayor Freeman-Wilson is!  Karen has been mayor to her hometown of Gary, Indiana since January 2012. Mayor Freeman-Wilson is the first female to lead the “Steel City” and the first African-American female mayor in the state of Indiana. She has served the public for most of her professional life. She was previously the Indiana Attorney General, Director of Indiana Civil Rights Commission and the presiding judge of the Gary City Court.  She is also a leader in the national drug court movement having served as the CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and Executive Director of the National Drug Court Institute.  She is a very impressive, accomplished and super smart lady!


Protecting Your Concrete

11220813_892904687503783_8462084325448614247_nProtecting Your Concrete

Does your driveway/sidewalks look like this? Give us a call 219.765.3690 to professionally seal your joints to prevent further erosion of your soil!
Keeping a good sealer on your concrete and commercial grade caulk in your cracks prolongs the life and look of the concrete. Sealer helps prevent the concrete from pitting or spalling (when small pieces of the surface come off). Horizontal concrete surfaces should be cleaned and sealed every few years to protect them from moisture and salt. ALL cracks should be sealed to prevent them from filling with water during rain. We recommend backer rod then commercial grade caulk. This will also form a seal to minimize drafts, soil erosion and insect infestation.  Don’t let your cracks look like this. CALL US for a free estimate and prepare yourself for Winter. Make your concrete happy!


Going Green

Earth Day at Level Rite ConcreteIt’s the right thing to do.  It feels good.  It’s morally responsible.  It secures our future.  It sells.  However, the phrase is also trendy, ambiguous, a possible marketing ploy, and often misused.  Green technology has come a long way, and has also just begun. Happy #EarthDay

During the race to go green, we have seen great success and innovation, but in some cases, a compromise in product quality.  Sometimes what helps Mother Earth in one way completely wrongs her in another.

What is the right balance between being environmentally responsible, competitive, and having the best product on the market?

We at Level Rite Concrete understand.  We, like you, have very high standards.  We want to have our cake and eat it too.  We want to provide the highest quality products on the market that are also genuinely environmentally responsible.  We don’t just want to stick a “green” label on the packaging in order to stay current with the trend.

Level Rite Concrete has found the answer (well, actually two answers):  RECYCLED AND RENEWABLE.


The foam we use contains recycled material. It’s because we are extremely proud to be a provider of polyurethane foam used for concrete lifting that uses recycled material (patent pending).  Our pride comes from the fact that not only does the recycled content provide a truly “green” aspect to the material, but it also takes the quality of the product to the next level.  It’s really a win-win.

I know what you’re thinking.  “How can adding ‘junk’ foam to this product really make it better?”  To answer this, let us break it down (no pun intended).