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Your store front, walkway, parking lots, patio, and driveways are some of the first areas your customers, employees, family and neighbors see. Those concrete areas also receive the most traffic, which creates a buildup of dirt, grime, gum and other stains. A dirty retail front can not only diminish a property’s appearance, but also cut down on your sales. Concrete cleaning services may be the answer.

Sealing your concrete is not a necessity but is recommended. Most concrete on new homes are not sealed by the contractor due to added cost. Using the proper sealer has long and short term benefits. Short term, if you use a topical sealer, you will have a nice sheen that will definitely add curb appeal. Long term, a sealer can prevent or minimize cracks. One reason for concrete cracking is freeze thaw weathering. This is when temperatures fluctuate from below freezing to above freezing. This allows water to seep into any surface when temps are above freezing, then when it drops below 32 degrees this water freezes and expands. The force of the expansion creates cracking. When temperatures stay close to the freezing mark the water does not have a chance to evaporate and continues to exacerbate the situation.The reason your concrete is ugly (or soon will be) is because you haven’t had it sealed in years & probably since it was installed…right?  Go ahead, pour some water on it – what do you see?  If your concrete darkens-up and absorbs water like a “big hard sponge” then it is UNSEALED & open for damage. You’re just asking for trouble if you’re letting water & everything else soak right down into your concrete.  Did you know that water expands up to 9% when it freezes?  That’s why your concrete will pit, pop, crack & flake off! Besides the obvious damage caused by salt & ice melting chemicals, there are plenty of other bad things that are damaging it right now (lawn fertilizer, oil, gas, anti-freeze, UV rays, rain containing high amounts of nitric & sulfuric acids . . . & so on).  It’s going to keep ROTTING FROM THE INSIDE OUT unless you do something to protect it – CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD AN EXPENSIVE TEAR-OUT & REPLACEMENT?

Level Rite Concrete uses a sealer that will protect your concrete surfaces from the effects of exposure that cause the damage: severe conditions like rainwater, repeated melting and freezing, and road salts, or de-icers. We will seal the surface, and infiltrate the pores of the concrete, keeping these conditions from further damaging your concrete. This product will eliminate many concrete problems, but will not change the appearance or the texture of the surface. It also will not discolor the concrete, or cause it to be slippery. Your concrete will be easier to clean, is salt, UV, and stain resistant, and environmentally responsible.

Why is our sealer better? Unlike film-forming acrylic sealers, the penetrating sealer that we use is a reactive product that chemically alters the surface of the concrete (by glassifying it) creating a water resistant membrane protecting the surface from water penetration that causes damage. At the same time, the appearance (color) and texture of the surface is not changed in any way like other sealers do. We are using the highest quality penetrating hydrophobic sealer on the market today. VOC compliant with Federal and local VOC laws.

How long does it last? Here’s one of those “Frequently Asked Questions” that we always get: As far as longevity of the sealer goes, in the first 3 years you’ll have excellent protection, ok protection in years 4-5 and after that you should consider having it resealed.  These are just general guidelines – many things will factor into how long it’s expected to protect the concrete.